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Get the latest SyncPix™ Firmware
(For SPX8 and SPX12 (with Motion Sensor) models only)
The latest firmware version is 1.44

If this is the first time you are upgrading your SyncPix™ frame, you may wish to be helped by one of our technical support representatives.
Call us at 1.800.228.1979.

Tips! Did you know?
  1. You can customize your albums with images and text you choose. Download the Smartparts Desktop Tool - to the right!
  2. You can view a slideshow by default when inserting an memory card. Simply create a file named "view_ss.txt" on your memory card - i.e. m:/view_ss.txt and the frame will default to viewing a slideshow of the memory card (after a 10 second delay).
  3. You can "lock" your frame to prevent others from copying or viewing images other than those already on the frame.

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